Touchless Faucet For Your Home

Touchless Faucet For Your Home

Ready for It All

Response Touchless technology reads your every movement to make kitchen tasks feel more natural. No false activations, no interruptions from your daily routine. Simply wave a hand or utensil through the sensor window for reliable on/off operation every time.

Complete Control

Life can get messy. From splatters to spills and everything in between, you need a reliable way to combat the chaos. Response® Touchless technology responds to your every move to ensure that prepping, cleaning and cooking all go more smoothly.

Simple Hygiene

Maintaining a clean kitchen can often be difficult. Let’s face it, germs are everywhere. Response Touchless technology allows you to control your faucet with the wave of a hand, utensil, or dish so you don’t have to worry about germs spreading to the rest of the kitchen.

Quick Response

The sensor window at the underside of the spout responds in just 20 milliseconds and if you forget to turn the faucet off, auto shutoff will kick in after four minutes of inactivity.

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